Participants of the Folkloriada baked Russian pancakes and cooked okroshka on Bashkir ayran*

Participants of the Folkloriada baked Russian pancakes and cooked okroshka on Bashkir ayran*

25-year-old Oscar Ferrer arrived in Ufa for the Folkloriada from Colombia.

- I dreamed of coming to Russia for a long time, - says Oscar, all the time he imagined that his songs would be performed in this country. - It is double luck that the Folkloriada is held in Ufa. Now I will definitely add your city to the list of the greenest and friendliest cities in the world. People are smiling on the streets!
In one of the restaurants in Ufa, Oscar was taught today to cook Russian okroshka on Bashkir ayran.

-A little strange combination of ingredients, says the young singer, let's see what happens. - Delicious! Strange, but delicious, he summed up at the end of his culinary experiment. I will definitely bring the recipe to my homeland, I will treat my friends. However, I don't know where to look for ayran now in Colombia.

Giada Ciarandini is a dancer of the famous Italian folk band Chino Ermacora. It is the first time in Russia for her as well.
- I live in a small provincial town in the north of Italy, and therefore everything seems big to me, - Giada laughs. And even now we are baking Russian pancakes in a much larger size than I am used to doing in Italy. The chef of the restaurant said that the sauce for pancakes will be served on the basis of Italian wine, and we will make a special caramel filling from Bashkir honey.

Dancing is the most important hobby in a girl's life. Her mother and grandfather used to dance in the same folk group.
-Everything connected with folklore harmonizes a person in an amazing way, - she is sure. She is a professional psychologist, and her work is connected precisely with bringing the body and thoughts into balance in a person. - Dancing people are always a little happier than others. So in case, it gets sad, just dance!

Ph. A. Nurmukhametova