Folk Group «Hamanina»

The Republic of Belarus is a land with ancient history and rich traditions, with its wonderful nature and great architecture which combines Western Europe’s and Eastern Slavic’s legacy. Belarus lies in the western part of the East European Plain and it borders with five countries. Its capital and the biggest city is Minsk.

Belarus is famous for its thick ancient forests. This country has one of the biggest old-grown forests in Europe – Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. Moreover, Belarus is a land of lakes. There are thousands of beautiful and deep lakes with multiple shapes. This country is known for its beautiful cities with many ancient landmarks and colorful cultural life. There are museums, majestic churches, castles with unique historical artifacts.

The culture of Belarus is a wonderful fusion of its identity and old traditions. At the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada this rich identity will be presented by the Folk Group «Hamanina». Their performances mean saving, reviving and popularization of Belarus traditions and the historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.