«Rhythm» Dance group

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a country of ancient history with amazing nature, friendly people and a fusion of eastern and western cultures. Azerbaijan has a very complicated, long and eventful history. Here East meets West and North meets South. This is the place where the Great Silk Road passed. There are breathtaking snow-capped mountain landscapes, fabulously beautiful rivers and lakes, green plains, forests and beaches with golden sand. A huge variety of natural landscapes of Azerbaijan generated nine different climatic zones. Azerbaijan is an amazing country, where hundreds of historical sights are located: fortresses and palaces, ancient cities and mosques, preserved from ancient times. It is a modern prosperous state that carefully preserves its values and culture.

At the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada the ancient historical heritage and cultural traditions of the peoples of Azerbaijan will be presented by the team of the «Rhythm» Dance group. The group was founded in 2011. It is a participant of numerous international festivals, including in such countries as Russia, Georgia, Turkey, USA, Cyprus, etc.