Folk group from Paraguay announced

The Republic of Paraguay is a country in the heart of the South America. It is a wonderful land with the nature’s beauty and amazing architectural monuments. This South-American country hosts an abundance of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries with multiple living creatures.

One of the main sites of Paraguay is its capital – Asunción, an economical political and cultural center of the country. It is the largest city of Paraguay, situated at the bank of the unbelievably picturesque river – Río Paraguay. There one can find luxurious palaces, placed near pieces of colonial architecture, old admirable buildings with their unique faces, spacious shopping malls, temples and museums.

This country has one of the greatest artificial buildings in the South America – the Itaipu Dam. It is one of the richest power sources both in the South America, and in the World.

Paraguay has a rich culture, which is a fusion of Indian and Spanish cultures. This country will be represented at the VI CIOFF® World Folkloriada by the Iberoamericano del Paraguay folklore ballet. Rousing and versatile performances of this group are aimed for the popularization and preservation of the Paraguayan culture , traditions, customs and folklore.