About Folkloriada

         According to the regulation on the Folkloriada, adopted by the General Assembly of the CIOFF®, the host country of this event provides accommodation, meals, transfers within the country and the region in which the event takes place.

         Mandatory conditions are also:
- providing one free day of rest during the period of the event;
- the duration of travel from places of residence to places of performance should not exceed two hours in one direction;
- all places of performances must be provided with technical means, dressing rooms, medical personnel on duty, security guards, bottled drinking water.
         Participants of the VI World Folkloriada CIOFF® pay for an international flight to Moscow (or to Ufa, if possible) and back, visa and consular fees, excess baggage, transportation of musical instruments. All participants of the VI World Folkloriada CIOFF® must have medical insurance valid for the entire period of the event.
         The composition of the delegation from each country must not exceed 35 people between the ages of 16 and 80, including:
- 1 National Delegate CIOFF®;
- 1 representative of the youth movement CIOFF®;
- 1 director of the selected group;
- 2 masters of A&C;
- dancers and musicians.
  The creative team from each country must prepare:
- 5-minute program for performance on the main stage;
- 30-minute concert program for performances in municipalities of the Republic of Bashkortostan during the festival program;
- 15-30 second dance element performed during stops at street parades.


           A prerequisite is the presence of live accompaniment, the use of phonograms is not allowed.