The guests of the Republic will be the main participants in the closing of the World Folkloriada

The grandiose opening ceremony of the folklore festival delighted the audience and tv viewers. The director and chief director of the opening and closing ceremony of the World Folkloriada, coordinator of the festival "Heart of Folkloriada" Aydar Zubaidullin told about how the preparations for this action were going on at a briefing for journalists.

“A huge team worked with me - the directorate of cultural programs of the Republic of Bashkortostan and a huge detachment of high specialists - composers, choreographers, co-directors, artists, videographers. About 1000 people attended the opening ceremony. Everyone probably noticed the original design and powerful technical support. This is about 500 smart devices, 12 video projectors, 800 sq.m. LED screens ”, - said Aydar Hizbullovich.

According to the chief director, rehearsals for the opening ceremony began at other venues, commensurate with the Ufa-Arena, in early May.
“We entered the site of the Ufa-Arena on June 14. Speaking of the difficulties, I can say it was not easy to hold such an event. This is working with video content - it took 4-5 hours to put the light on one number. Because you need to tune every lighting device, laser video projectors, spotlight. This is also work with a huge number of people. This is a huge amount of choreography. Then you noticed that there were high-rise works. This is a bird, and the sun, and trapeze artists. Security issues played a huge role here. There were many questions that had to be brought together in order to get such a result, which turned out to be, ”the speaker emphasized.
Aydar Hizbullovich noted that the closing ceremony will be no less interesting.

“The format of opening and closing will be radically different. The main participants in the closing ceremony will be exactly those people who came to visit - the participants of the folklore. The concentration of cultures that we observe will be of interest to the audience. Each of the collectives brought a piece of their soul, the soul of their people. And it was so read in their eyes, how much they like and interesting to communicate with each other. And this friendship, the feeling of interpenetration, a friendship that is being formed today within the framework of the folkloriada and perhaps in the future, I would like to show at the closing ceremony. And I don’t want to reveal the intrigue yet ”.

Source: Internet portal "The cultural world of Bashkortostan".