Concert tours of the Folkloriada's participants continue throughout the republic

On July 7, the participants of the VI World Folkloriada CIOFF®️ visited 4 more municipalities of the republic.
One of the sites of the large-scale project was the town of Oktyabrsky. Representatives of Bolivia, Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, and Russia came to the city.
“We came from Bolivia. This country is the heart of South America. Bolivia is a multinational country, more than 36 cultures live peacefully in it. We brought a multinational program. One of the dances, called Tinku, reflects the traditional cultural heritage of Bolivia. We are happy that we have the opportunity to travel these days and are impressed by the culture and beauty of the Bashkir nature ”- representatives of Bolivia shared their impressions of the trip to Bashkortostan: group director Roberto Sardon, national delegate Paola Rivero and dancer Celeste Mercado.
In the Buraevsky region, creative teams from seven countries performed: North Macedonia, Peru, France, Romania, Belarus, Palestine and Ecuador.

Exhibitions of arts and crafts were presented to foreign guests, master classes were shown on pimokatny art, embroidery of Bashkir women's jewelry, headdresses, and breast jewelry, carpet weaving with elements of Bashkir, Tatar and Udmurt patterns, wood carving. The family workshop of the Yushkovs also worked for the guests; they make souvenirs from wood and jewelry from natural stone. The Bashkir yurt has become the center of attraction for guests. Guests from Peru, Ecuador and France also presented their products at the exhibition.
“I didn’t leave my homeland that far. I am glad that I came exactly here - to Bashkortostan. I am surprised at your nature: everything is green. If I had the opportunity, I would have stayed here for a while, ”shared Adriel, a member of a dance group from Peru.
Groups from Albania, Costa Rica, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Montenegro and the USA performed in the framework of the VI World Folkloriada in the Uchalinsky district.

The Hungarian folk dance collective "Kecskemet" learned the Bashkir folk song "Karabay" for the performance at the Folkloriada. Today, the song, familiar to many residents of Uchaly, was performed by foreign guests at the Gornyak stadium.
A platform with national Bashkir games and an exhibition of folk craftsmen were organized for the delegations of the participating countries. Foreign guests looked at the products with great interest, mastered playing the kurai and kubyz, tried on kashmau, bibs, and hats.
Participants from Estonia, Croatia, Azerbaijan, India, Chile, Paraguay, and Benin performed in the Tatyshlinsky region. As part of the event, master classes, folk games, sports competitions were held for residents and guests of the area, as well as a face painting area provided by an artist from Croatia. Craftsmen from Croatia, Estonia, and Benin showed their master classes and national products.