Lala Tulpan Mosque

The building of the Lala Tulpan mosque-madrasa is located in the northern part of Ufa near the Belaya River. "Lala Tulpan" is not just a mosque, it is an educational center for believers in the city of Ufa.


It owes its name to the two tall minarets located at the entrance, which look like tulip buds. They can still be seen from afar thank to their fifty-meter height. The building of the mosque itself resembles a blooming bud. Among the Turkic peoples, the tulip is a symbol of spring and the beginning of a new stage of life.


During the festivities and services on the territory of the beautiful mosque at the same time there can be up to 1000 people. Also, within the walls of the mosque, the Chief Mufti of the republic holds meetings with important state religious figures.


Ufa, Komarova str., 5