Folk Dance Group «Scmerlitz»

Germany is an amazing country with a thousand-year history and centuries-old traditions. The Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe, bordered by the North and Baltic seas. Majestic castles and palaces, many museums and cultural centers, virgin forests, magnificent sea beaches, mountain ranges of the Alps, endless fields and valleys of vineyards – all this is Germany. This is a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Each region is unique and has its own centuries-old history, customs and traditions.
At the VI CIOFF ® World Folkloriada the unique combination and synthesis of many cultures, traditions and customs of Germany will be demonstrated by the Folk Dance Group «Scmerlitz». Founded in 1964, the group participates in many international folklore festivals not only in Germany, but also in Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, France, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, the USA, Argentina, Portugal, and other countries.