«Krasnousolskaya» - is official water of the VI World Folkloriada 2020
A new label design was developed for packaging with drinking and mineral water for the ethnic forum. In April Products will appear on the shelves of shops of the Republic of Bashkortostan and regions of Russia.
Krasnousolsky mineral springs are known since the 16th century. Even in those distant years, people knew about the healing properties of the springs and called them nothing more than “Izgeshishmulur” (Holy sources). There are many legends and traditions about their healing power.
The mineral water production plant is located in the environmental zone of the Krasnousolsk health-resort of federal significance. The drinking and mineral medicinal-table water retains its natural composition unchanged, as well as all the useful and medicinal properties.
Due to its qualities, water is known outside the Republic of Bashkortostan and every year its popularity increases in other regions of Russia.