The VI CIOFF®️ World Folkloriada has ended in Bashkortostan

The largest folklore festival was held from July 3 to 10, 2021. The Folkloriada was attended by delegations from 37 countries of the world. The project gathered 1000 participants, 70 artisans. Within the framework of the Folkloriada in Ufa, two world records were set for the number of countries and nationalities in one round dance: The friendship Round Dance brought together 57 countries of the world and representatives of 71 nationalities. 
In general, more than 2,700 people took part in the round dance. 

The Opening ceremony at the Ufa-Arena Ice Palace hosted more than 1000 performers, used more than 500 intelligent lighting devices, 800 square meters of LED screens, unique mechanisms and automation systems designed specifically for the opening, dozens of the most modern laser video projectors, more than 100 kW of sound equipment, smoke, and cryo effects.

 The Closing ceremony at the Amphitheater of the “Toratau” Congress Hall was marked by the performance of the representatives from 19 countries of the world, an air show with the participation of six fighters.

 During the Folkloriada, 61 concerts were held at 28 concert venues on the main stage of "The Heart of the Folkloriada" in Ufa and in 22 municipalities of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The participants of the Folkloriada traveled with concert programs about 10,000 km throughout the Republic of Bashkortostan. The events of the World Folkloriada were attended by more than 300 thousand people. 

From July 4 to 9, the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan hosted the international exhibition "Masks of the Peoples of the World" and the photo exhibition "Musical Instruments of the Peoples of the World". The International exhibition "Masks of the Peoples of the World " presented 32 exhibits from 27 countries, as well as photos of masks from 30 countries of the world. Images of 34 musical instruments were presented at the International Photo Exhibition "Musical Instruments of the Peoples of the World". ⠀ 

During the festival, fan zones of the VI CIOFF®️ World Folkloriada operated in Ufa. Screens and sound equipment for broadcasting events were installed at three sites: the Pervomaisky Culture and Recreation Park, the Demsky District Culture and Recreation Park and the Volna Park. Every day at 18.00 (GMT+5), the residents and guests of the capital could watch live broadcasts of open-air events with the participation of foreign artists.

From July 4 to 10, the International Exhibition of Crafts and Trades was held on the upper square of the “Toratau” Congress Hall. It presented the works of artisans from 19 countries of the world. Apart from that, 39 enterprises, organizations, and individual entrepreneurs from Ufa presented their souvenir products. 

The program of the VI CIOFF®️ World Folkloriada also included interactive activities of the CIOFF®️ Youth Committee, the CIOFF®️ International Conference on Culture on the topic of "The Intangible Heritage of the Peoples of the Russian Federation as part of the World Cultural Heritage". 
TV and Internet broadcasts enabled wide coverage of the audience. Approximate numbers of views reached 10 million.
53 state media resources published more than 5500 materials. Also the information about the Folkloriada was presented in media resources of 30 countries of the world. More than 1700 articles were posted in foreign social networks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Agency for CIS Affairs and CIOFF®️.